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Icons, headers & more

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Welcome to Ink_Swirls, Inkaddict's graphics journal.

Here you'll find mostly stock wallpapers, headers & co, but also House, HP and other random fannish graphics.
Fair warning, I tend to do more large graphics than icons.

The easier way to find what you're looking for is through the TAGS, and if you like my work why don't you JOIN the community?
Pretty please?

To contact me: inkaddict@livejournal.com

Credit is nice, and a simple way of advertising the comm, but I won't hunt you down and beat you into a pulp with my wacom tablet if you don't give it.


Should you choose to please credit ink_swirls, not inkaddict: that's just my personal journal.

Hot-linking and stealing on the other hand are big DONTS, allright? If I wake up some day to find my graphics turned into a bunch of little red crosses I'm not gonna reupload them. Or maybe I'll just swap the old pics with some "I'm a hotlinker, spank me!" icons ;)

If you want to edit something please ask me first.

Comments and nominations are, of course, love.

I make graphics because it relaxes me and takes my mind off the bitchyness of real life, and I share them because...what's the use of having tons of icons sitting in my HD? But I'd like this community to stay as drama-free as possible, thank you very much.

I don't usually take requests, but if there is something you would like to see iconized (a general theme for stock icons, a tv show, quotes) drop me a comment in the SUGGESTIONS BOX :)
The same goes for tutorial requests, if you want to affiliate, etc...

You'll find my resources HERE.

If you notice I didn't credit you properly just drop me a comment in the resources post and I'll do it ASAP.

Infoes and header made by me, layout codes by damnicons, customized by me.